Body Positivity

It’s not easy to have a positive mindset of your body when there is always another girl’s Instagram profile to compare yourself to. Here’s my suggestion. Don’t. Simply refrain from comparing yourself to others in any type of way. Let that be business accomplishments, personal life, or your fitness journey. I get it, your muscles could always be looking leaner, your skin tone could always be more sun-kissed. But the only one you should compare yourself to is the version of you that you were yesterday. So, strive to be a better version of it today.

We often find ourselves chatting with our girlfriends and, if you’re lucky, boyfriends too, about our fitness journeys. And, way too often life gets in the way of our healthy lifestyles. Grabbing some processed and pre-made meals and foods full of preservatives seems easier than preparing something from scratch. But, maybe understanding what that food that you prepare for yourself, rather than buy prepared, gives to you might get you to the other side of the cooking counter easier.

Sure, a protein bar from time to time is a great addition to your nutrition. But it should never be a meal. There’s a rule I’ve learned a long time ago that says you shouldn’t eat foods that have ingredients in them which you can’t pronounce. Those are most probably chemicals that your body won’t be able to digest. The less of those, the cleaner your digestive tract will stay. Sure, you might feel hungry more often. But eating more small meals spread throughout the day is actually much better for you.

You’re not doing justice to your body as it will run down more quickly. If you do add some physical activity on top of that, you’ll just run your body down even more. While by fueling it right, you are making it stronger by the minute. And, in turn, your mind will be stronger too.

Ditch those nasty headaches, sluggishness, bloating, and fatigue and take time to make yourself nutritious meals. Here’s the first of my tips. Every grocery store has the fresh and unrefined produce at the side aisles. So, simply avoid the middle of the store and make your meals work with what you find in the veggie section primarily.

A healthy lifestyle is so much more than just losing a couple of pounds. It’s about gaining confidence in who you are. It’s about setting high goals for all the aspects of your life and going after them like there’s no tomorrow. Try it by setting a goal now, and when you reach it, reward yourself with some fantastic leggings that will motivate you to keep staying with your new fitness routine.

I get it, there might be days when you can’t get that piece of chocolate out of your head until you have it in your mouth. Is it your pre-period time? And, those especially are the moments when you need to understand that it is perfectly OK. I’m sure you’re busting your pretty toosh constantly to be where you are and make yourself a greater individual with each day’s passing.

I’m confident in you that you’re super beautiful inside and out. Now just let yourself grow on those pretty roots.

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