How To Care For Your Yoga Clothing

Most yoga pants cost around about one hundred dollars these days, so we want to know they will last or do our best to keep them looking new. A good pair of leggings can take us to thousands of yoga classes, on runs, to coffee shops and even cozy Saturdays snuggled on the couch. More and more people are living in their workout gear and we found there are a few essential tips to keep your favorite yoga clothing and fitness gear in good shape.

I was devastated when my new pair of expensive leggings pilled after only a few washes. I had just found a cut in a great pattern I really liked. It turns out that there is are few rules for taking care of your gear. Now that I know where I went wrong, I would like to share some tips with you, so you can avoid the same mistakes I made.

Taking Care of Your Gear

Do not use fabric softener! This kills the high-tech fabrics wicking ability. The fabric softener removes the coating that sports fabrics come with that helps to keep moisture away from your skin.

Wash synthetics alone. 

Synthetic fabrics do better when washed with other similar fabrics. So, keep your cotton, bamboo, linens, silks and wool fabrics separate.

Don’t wash together with towels. 

It can be tempting to throw your yoga towel along with the rest of the gear from your gym bag all together in the same load, but washing together with a towel can cause the fabrics to pill. The cotton fibers from the towel can latch on to fibers in your leggings and be impossible to remove causing your new leggings to look like they are one-year-old in less than a week.

Wash in cold water.

Synthetic fabrics prefer cold water. To prolong the life of your clothing, do a cold wash. This goes for your hot yoga shorts and bras, too.

Air out your gear.

To keep everything smelling at its best, it pays to hang your clothes out to air dry before you wash it. This way you prevent it from sitting sweaty inside your bag or laundry hamper before washing day. Bacteria loves a damp dark environment.

Turn your gear inside out. 

This will keep your clothes looking new for longer. By turning leggings inside out before machine washing them, you will keep the colors vibrant. Also, try to avoid washing together with any items that have zips or Velcro as this can snag the fabric.

Taking care of your yoga clothing and work out gear doesn’t need to be harder than your workout, it just takes a little bit of love and care. Take the time in your laundry routine to implement these six tips, and I’m sure your yoga clothing will stand the test of time. At least until a new fabric pattern catches your eye!

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