Relaxing Meditation for Better Sleep

We are often on the go. And this fast-paced lifestyle gradually leaves a mark on our well-being. Sometimes, all we really need is a good routine that rocks you to a sound sleep. If you’re able to get rest without the interruption of feelings and thoughts like what should have been done differently during the day and what you still need to finish, this will boost your confidence levels in the morning. Plus, it will make you more efficient when you do get to your obligations and errands.

  • Get ready to rest your body and rejuvenate your mind. 
  • At the end of the day, a million thoughts rattle through our minds. But what we should really do with that time before heading to bed is relax the body.
  • Our bedtime rituals of overthinking how our day went often leave us anxious more than anything else. The idea of a sound bedtime routine here is to meditate your body and mind to sleep. So, if you’re lying back, just close your eyes and keep them that way for the night with no more effort. Plus, with a little bit more ease and a lot more gratitude. 
  • While you lie down comfortably on your pillow, rest one hand on your belly and feel how it rises and lowers with each deep breath. Place the other one on your heart. Inhale slowly through the nose for five counts, and gently exhale through the mouth for five counts. Repeat that flow at least three times.
  • Now, scan your body and the mind. Regardless of what has happened today, take this as a moment of gratitude if it’s because you are here. Feel your heartbeat, feel your lungs breathing. Feel your body how it rests on your bed. Bring focus first to the parts that are touching the mattress. Feel how your head sinks into your pillow. Focus on your neck and release any tension that might be there. In your mind, caress your spine. Bring attention to your hips and back of the legs as well. And to your feet that are now after a whole day, finally free.
  • With your deep breaths, recognize that you’re safe and loved. Then think of three things that made you happy today. Simple and small, anything that gave you joy. Most of the time, there are small instances that make you feel accomplished the most. So, be aware of those little moments as they are bigger than they seem. Allow yourself to feel that today was a good day, and you lived it, whether it was easy or presented a challenge. Remember that being here is a blessing in itself. Continue to breathe deeply. Allow yourself to float to a peaceful and well-deserved rest. Tomorrow is yet another day to rise with gratitude and love. And know that each day is another opportunity to live your best life. 
  • Take a couple of minutes before you doze off into sleep to relax your body and mind in the ways I have just described. I hope it will make all the difference in your productivity levels. Report back on how any of the above affected your sleep—I’m curious to hear from you. 

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