Granola bars are quite possibly one of the easiest things to snack on. They are portable and can fit into anything from a purse to a gym bag. Many of them combine delicious flavors so it feels like you’re getting a little bit of a treat but are Read More →

It’s not easy to have a positive mindset of your body when there is always another girl’s Instagram profile to compare yourself to. Here’s my suggestion. Don’t. Simply refrain from comparing yourself to others in any type of way. Let that be businRead More →

Yoga is something that a great deal of people practice on a daily basis and many have no idea of its origination. Although the origin is generally not at the top of the list in importance for people, but it can be helpful to undersRead More →

People often ask me, “what are chakras?”. In this modern age, more information about yoga is spreading quickly, including yoga’s explanation of the body’s chakra system. In one of the most important yoga texts in the 21st Century, Read More →